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Health Concerns

Bud A; Jack A; Attila B; Bonnie B; Teri (daughter of Liz B);  Velsid C; Sue E (Judi P’s sister-in-law); Rev. Richard G; Marshall H (grandson of Denise W); Shirley H;  Calvin  J; Marie LaV; Ron L; Lucas M (Marlene W’s nephew); Coralynn M;  Clay & Trudy O;  Doris P (Dave P’s Mom); Claire S;  Patricia S (Gina R’s Sister); Bill S; Liz S;  Chase S; Joseph  S; Dick & Joan T; Doyle T; Pat & Noreen W; Karen WK;  Wolfgang & Jinny W (Gina R’s Father & Mother).

Cancer Concerns

Jan B (family of Martin & Kathy); Sheryl C;  Tim H (family of S’s); Lani K (Joe T’s nephew/ Godson); Kim NL (Friend of Trish E) Gwen N (S family); Doug P; Claire S; Justin T; Yvonne (friend of Sara A), Alyssa Z (friend of Jolynn C)

Please pray for our Military Personnel Overseas
and in the U.S.


Andrew Green, Army (son of John & Dianne Green) in Germany
Nicole Andrew, Navy ( daughter-in-law of Andy & Sara Andrew)
Jordan Reich, USAF, (friend of Kaehler’s)
Bill Schultz, Navy (friend of Bonnie Stranlund)
David Sweezey, US Army, (husband of Nikki (Thompson) in Germany
Corrina Jean Sullivan
, Navy (niece and Goddaughter of Jean Sullivan) in Mosul/Baghdad
Damon Webster, U.S. Marine (grandson of Neta Buxton) in Bahrain
Jeff Wentland, Army (friend of Ernie & Christine Gowen’s son)

United States

Adam Aquino, Army (nephew-in-law of Martin & Kathy Lindeke)
Cassandra (Mayor) Aquino, Navy (niece of Martin & Kathy Lindeke)
Steve Curran, Navy (friend of the Kaehler’s)
Travis DesLongchamp, Marines (friend of the youth group)
Kevan Haack; Army National Guard (grandson of Eleanor Griffith)
Nathan Haack; Army National Guard (grandson of Eleanor Griffith)
Derrick Hays, Navy, (friend of the Kaehler’s)
Skip Hurley, USAF (nephew of Jan & Mike McGreevy and Diane Benecke)
Eric Knight, USAF (friend of the Kaehler’s)
Darrell Lewis, Army National Guard (grandson of Betty Cissell)
Jinny and T.J. McLamb, USAF (daughter and son-in-law of Gina Rothwell)
Sylvia Mullis, Navy (daughter of Gina Rothwell)
Melody Northcutt Nebrigich, Army (niece of Chuck & Jana Northcutt)
Mark Parlin, Navy (grandson of Pat & Noreen Walsh)
Aaron Reese, Navy (great-grandson of Joan Wolfe)
Adam Relford, USAF (grandson of Bill & Delores Schwinck)
Andy Relford, USAF (grandson of Bill & Delores Schwinck)
Michael Schottenkirk, National Guard (great-nephew of Marcie Krause)
Benjamin Solin, USAF, Grand Nephew of Harold and Claire Schwanke
Jessica Schwinck, Army (granddaughter of Bill & Delores Schwinck)  

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