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Health Concerns

Bud A; Jack A; Attila B; Bonnie B;  Teri (daughter of Liz B);  Velsid C; Sue E (Judi P’s sister-in-law); Rev. Richard G; Marshall H (grandson of Denise W); Shirley H;  Calvin  J; Marie LaV; Ron L; Lucas M (Marlene W’s nephew); Coralynn M;  Clay & Trudy O;  Doris P (Dave P’s Mom);  Patricia S (Gina R’s Sister); Bill S; Liz S;  Chase S; Joseph S; Dick & Joan T; Doyle T, Pat & Noreen W; Karen WK;  Wolfgang & Jinny W (Gina R’s Father and Mother).

Cancer Concerns

Jan B (family of Martin & Kathy); Sheryl C;  Tim H (family of  Jim and Bonnie); Lani K (Joe T’s nephew/ Godson); Kim NL (Friend of Trish E) Gwen N (Jim and Bonnie's family); Doug P; Justin T; Yvonne (friend of Sara A), Alyssa Z (friend of Jolynn C)  

Please pray for our Military Personnel Overseas
and in the U.S.


Andrew Green, Army (son of John & Dianne Green) in Germany
Nicole Andrew, Navy ( daughter-in-law of Andy & Sara Andrew)
Jordan Reich, USAF, (friend of Kaehler’s)
Bill Schultz, Navy (friend of Bonnie Stranlund)
David Sweezey, US Army, (husband of Nikki (Thompson) in Germany
Corrina Jean Sullivan, Navy (niece & Goddaughter of Jean Sullivan) in Mosul/Baghdad
Jeff Wentland, Army (friend of Ernie & Christine Gowen’s son)

United States

Adam Aquino, Army (nephew-in-law of Martin & Kathy Lindeke)
Cassandra (Mayor) Aquino, Navy (niece of Martin & Kathy Lindeke)
Steve Curran, Navy (friend of the Kaehler’s)
Travis DesLongchamp, Marines (friend of the youth group)
Tyler Goodwin, Marines ( grand-son-in law of Pastor & Kathie Gerken)
Kevan Haack; Army National Guard (grandson of Eleanor Griffith)
Nathan Haack, Army National Guard (grandson of Eleanor Griffith)
Nick Hanson, Navy( boyfriend of Allie Herrick, grand daughter of Denise Walsh)
Derrick Hays, Navy, (friend of the Kaehler’s)
Skip Hurley, USAF (nephew of Jan & Mike McGreevy and Diane Benecke)
Eric Knight, USAF (friend of the Kaehler’s)
Darrell Lewis, Army National Guard (grandson of Betty Cissell)
Jinny and T.J. McLamb, USAF (daughter and son-in-law of Gina Rothwell)
Sylvia Mullis, Navy (daughter of Gina Rothwell)
Melody Northcutt Nebrigich,  Army (niece of Chuck & Jana Northcutt)
Mark Parlin, Navy (grandson of Pat & Noreen Walsh)
Aaron Reese, Navy (great-grandson of Joan Wolfe)
Adam Relford, USAF (grandson of Bill & Delores Schwinck)
Andy Relford, USAF (grandson of Bill & Delores Schwinck)
Michael Schottenkirk, National Guard (great-nephew of Marcie Krause)
Benjamin Solin, USAF, Grand Nephew of Harold Schwanke)
Jessica Schwinck, Army (granddaughter of Bill & Delores Schwinck)
Damon Webster, U.S. Marine (grandson of Neta Buxton)

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