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RLC Vision
Lifting Hands, Holding Hands, Opening Hands

Our Vision Statement – What Does This Mean? Resurrection Lutheran Church members are lifting their hands in worship, holding hands in prayer groups, and opening hands to share the love of Jesus with our community. These sermons explain what this means for our church and what we can all do to share in this vision.

The Waiting

What are you waiting for?  What are you looking forward to this upcoming Advent and Christmas season?  How can we in ordinary times of waiting see the extraordinary actions of God?  Let’s wait and see!  

Give Thanks

For the rest of the month of November we are going to focus on how, as Christians, we can give thanks in all sorts of circumstances. Specifically, we are going to look at Psalm 107 during our Sunday services and Psalm 118 on  Thanksgiving Eve and see how we are called to live out the […]


Justified! What does that mean? It is one of those church words that probably doesn’t mean a lot outside the church walls. For 5 weeks in October, we will be celebrating what it means to be justified as we walk toward celebrating the 500th anniversary of the Reformation in a special way. Each service in the […]

Summer in the Psalms

This series charted a 15-week course where we looked at grief Biblically and saw that one of the most vivid and creative ways grief is explored is through the Psalms. We looked at both psalms of praise and psalms of lament, seeing how God uses these words to bring His Gospel to hurting and grieving […]

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Breathing Room

Do you need breathing room in your life? Are you so busy you don’t know what’s really important or necessary? Do you need to step back and look at the big picture? Learn how God can help you make more breathing room in your life for His work. Preached 4/23/17-5/14/17.

At the Crossroads

Many of those involved in the story of the Passion of Christ came to a crossroads and had to decide which way to go. Some chose well, some did not, and the stories of each of these experiences helps when we encounter similar crossroads. In the end, each service in the series reveals how Christ and His […]

Everyday Church

It is important that we look at the community of the early church and evaluate our community as Christians to see where we are doing well & where we need to grow. Everyday Christian community is vital to the Church & our mission of reaching out with Jesus’ love every day. Preached 1/15/17-2/19/17.

Family Life

No matter the size, personalities, or how long you’ve been a family, conflict will happen. When it comes we are tempted to insist on “Our way” or “No way”, but there is a better Way. See how His Way is the Best Way. Preached 11/27/16-12/18/17.